Wendy Fowler

birth doula, childbirth education

Since 2010, I have served over a hundred and thirty five families as a doula in the miles between Vernon, Graham, Bowie and Decatur, Texas. Shortly after becoming a doula, I realized I loved teaching so I became a childbirth educator as well. My passion is helping familes achieve their goals and seeing the options for local families open up. I was able to help faciliate placing a baby skin to skin with mommy moments after being born via Cesarean birth (skin to skin in the OR is now a common practice at United Regional). 

I have supported families in a variety of births including many German families here with NATO, moms expecting twins, home birth, unmedicated in the hospital, epidural, unplanned and planned Cesarean, VBACs (including one after two Cesareans!), an Emergency Room delivery in a rural hospital. Sadly I've walked with families through loss before and after birth. 

I have experienced such variety in my own births including natural, medicated, C-section and VBAC. My degree is in Family Studies from Texas Woman's University. My husband works in Decatur in law enforcement and we are raising our daughters out in the country in Sunset. When I am not doulaing, I love to ride my bike (Cannondale!) and my favorite vacation is a camping trip.  

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Angie Stewart

Birth & Postpartum doula, placenta encapsulator

Hi, I am Mariangela Stewart, but I go by Angie, Momma and Honey.  I am an independent, Christian woman who is caring, has a warm smile and an optimistic view of others.  I am married to my wonderful husband Christopher Stewart.  We have 4 beautiful children, Taylor (born in a hospital), Elijha (born in a hospital), Rhiannon (born at a birth center) and Maggie (born at home).  With my first child I took The Bradley Method Childbirth Class.  Once as an expecting mother, and again in preparation for my Doula Certification, I have taken “Birthing From Within” childbirth classes.  My dream is to become a midwife.  I am currently going through the Mercy In Action Program to follow that dream.  When I have completed my studies I will be a Licensed Professional Midwife.  I witnessed my first birth around 1990 while working at a local hospital as a Candy Striper.  I was hooked!  I starting attending the births of my friends around 1997 and acted as a doula before I even knew there was a profession like that out there.  I attended training through DONA to become a doula in 2005 and began my business as a doula.  Being a doula has brought me closer to the birth process and it is an honor to be able to support women in achieving the birth that is right for them.

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Rebekah Lewis

birth doula

Hi! I'm Rebekah! I am happily married to my husband John, and together we have two beautiful daughters. I've always been passionate about educating oneself about important matters and decisions. This passion has shaped my education (degrees in Business Management and Political Science) and my career as a Birth Doula and Midwife Assistant. Before becoming pregnant I had never heard of a doula.  It was while I was reading and studying everything pregnancy and birth related I could get my hands on that I came across a description of a Doula. I knew then that this was my calling!  Birth is such a transformative time in a mothers life, and a Doula can be such a powerful tool to make birth a positive experience.

I believe that pregnancy and birth is a natural process and an incredible right-of-passage. Birth matters!  How your baby enters this world matters for both you and your child. I believe in evidence based practice and informed consent; this is something that each mother has a right to. As a natural process, I absolutely believe that low intervention birth is possible for healthy moms and healthy babies. How you birth is a highly personal decision, and natural birth may not be your desire. I respect your choices in how to give birth, and will support any loving birth.

My own birthing experiences have been the most empowering, beautiful moments of my life. I personally chose to hire a Doula for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, I wanted my husband to be free to support me emotionally and love on me in labor. I didn't want him focused on the process of labor and birth.  We were able to connect through labor and birth more deeply than ever before. Secondly, I knew my husband wouldn't really know the mechanics of labor - his professional field is sports... pretty much useless when it comes to navigating the hospital system, knowing my medical choices, labor positions etc.  As much as I studied I knew I wouldn't remember in the thick of it. My Doula was invaluable to me! My first daughter's birth was unmedicated in a hospital attended by a Midwife. My second daughter was born in the water, out-of-hospital attended by a Midwife.

I desire to help my clients feel confident, informed, and supported in their choices throughout the process of birth. I'm honored you are inviting me to join you in your sacred journey.

Learn more about Rebekah at www.RebekahLewisDoula.com